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NN90 (Non-Negotiable 90) is a program designed to assist individuals in achieving a complete holistic transformation – Spirit, Mind and Body.

NN90 has helped thousands giveaway weight in less than 90 days.  Creating a sense of COMMUNITY SUPPORT plays a major role in Non-Negotiable 90 blueprint for success.


Throughout the NN90 90-day period, Coach Anthony helps build an interactive community all committed to camaraderie, coaching and success – where everyone acts as each other’s cheerleaders by posting updates for all to see.  Along with lots of peer-to-peer inspiration, Non-Negotiable 90 features:

 – Special Meal Plan           – Meal Prep Tips

– Daily Exercise Videos             – Nutritional Guides

– Daily Affirmations by Best-Selling Author Lisa Nichols

and MORE

all designed to help participants reach their goals.


Born and raised in the Cleveland Metro Area, Coach Anthony Elfonzia – The Body Contractor is a Holistic Health and Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer and Restorative Therapist. Coach Anthony spent 20 years as a firefighter for the City of Cleveland, Ohio which included creating a training program that produced the top scoring candidates on the fire department’s physical ability course.  He aspired to show the world what healthy living and fitness could do, he stepped on the bodybuilding stage in Paris, France as a natural bodybuilder and walked away first place overall. Now a resident of the Los Angeles area, Coach Anthony has devoted himself to helping others achieve self-confidence and a healthier life.  He has several high profile clients and CEOs of multimillion dollar companies.  His skills as a trainer have been showcased in resorts in San Diego and as far away as Croatia.


11180315_1627539067533304_2221786553855295257_n(Paul Anthony and Coach Anthony Elfonzia)

Coach Anthony is in the midst of his launch campaign that includes a worldwide wellness initiative (H.E.A.L.Hope Evolve Accelerate Life) stemming from his appointment as the Global Wellness Ambassador for The Paul Anthony Foundation (an organization founded by Cancer Champion Paul Anthony, member of the legendary Grammy Award winning group Full Force, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2007). PAF LOGOIn his new role, Coach Anthony desires to help prevent and find healthy cures for cancer.  Along with Paul Anthony, Coach Anthony seeks to teach people how to live a holistic lifestyle that allows them to release weight, eliminate unhealthy emotions and use positivity as a way to heal themselves. Cancer is sensitive issue and close to the heart of this former fire department lieutenant because Leukemia and lung cancer are the top two cancers that affect firefighters around the world. Coach Anthony’s mission is to educate, inspire, and infuse people with the motivation to build and maintain a loving, healthy, and laughter filled life. He plans to achieve this one person at a time with a NON-NEGOTIABLE spirit.

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QUESTION: What if I decide I can’t use the program?

ANSWER: There are no refunds beyond 10 days of initial purchase unless there is a newly discovered, verifiable medical condition (confirmed by a licensed medical doctor) that hinders complete use of the program which extends refund period to 30 days.

QUESTION: I must be missing something here. I know where to find the daily fitness challenge, but I don’t know where to find anything else. What am I doing wrong?

ANSWER: Sometimes our “welcome e-mails” go to spam/junk mail so may have not received it. I apologize for that inconvenience. To receive all of the information that you need to get started, please visit the “WELCOME” page which is accessible by clicking the “WELCOME” button found in the top navigation menu (if you’re on a mobile device, you have to click the three lines found in the top right corner and the navigation menu will appear). Once you check out everything available on that page, you’ll find more useful information by exploring the varies sections of the website via the other navigation buttons at the top of the page.

QUESTION: I decided now isn’t the right time for me to commit to the nn90 program. Can I cancel & get my money back?

ANSWER: We understand that timing is everything when making the decision to improve one’s quality of life. That’s the reason behind us creating NN90 to be a one-time purchase that can be used ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, and on ANY DEVICE. We would love for you to remain a member of our family. Even though you may not be in the space to completely utilize the entire program, you have access to it until that time comes. If you cancel now and we refund your money you will be missing out on a $31 discount. The current coupon code ends soon and anyone who registers after the code expires will be paying the full $99 or more for the package you only paid $68. Why pay more later when you own it at a discount now?

QUESTION: How do I find the Facebook support group?

ANSWER: Please go to the “Welcome” page found by hovering over the “Home” page button in the top navigation bar.

Click the link for the group and request to join, we’ll add you.

QUESTION: How do I get start with the food and exercises program? Please help me understand how this works.

ANSWER: Please log in to your account, look to the top navigation section and find the “Welcome” page button is located.

Instructions are available on the that page.

QUESTION: Is there a waiver in connection with this program?

ANSWER: Yes. Please visit our Disclaimer page to read the waiver for anyone using this program.